'Club de la Faye' is a group of existences living and performing in the gap between reality and fiction. Here is the documentation of their work.


Fiction Injecting 'Blip!' at Cph.Jazzhouse

Mystery Dream

Fiction Injection
In Club de la Fayes work with the Blip! arrangements in Copenhagen Jazzhouse, the idea was to inject fiction into the breaks between the concerts, hence the term Fiction Injection. The following three documentations: Mystery Dream, The Sinful Assistant and The Bride She'll Never Be, are all examples of Fiction Injections.

The inspiration for Mystery Dream was found in black & white surrealistic movies, dream analysis, Naked Lunch and shivering Hitchcock films.

A bite of the soundscape
A male voice:
"She looked up at me, blinked. I wanted to ask her what it meant. But the next thing I knew...she was gone...As I was searching for her, my eyes caught yet another woman... she was standing on a staircase with something in her hand. I can't make out what it was. I think it might have been some sort of big bug... She was shouting. But no sound came out... Then the staircase started trembling...I was falling... I can't figure it out... I had the feeling that all the dames were the same... some sort of creature... Dr., what does this all mean?"