'Club de la Faye' is a group of existences living and performing in the gap between reality and fiction. Here is the documentation of their work.


Fiction Injecting 'Blip!' at Cph.Jazzhouse

The Sinful Assistant

The inspiration drawn from old B-Horror Movies, burlesque shows and cabarets was fully manifest in this terrifying fiction. 

On a B-Movie film set, the actors are getting into positions. Action is called out.
One by one young sobbing and screaming women with hardly any clothes on, were dragged to imprisonment by the evil Duke von Schneidermann. Each woman had been brutally scarred by The Duke, the open wounds on their faces would always tell about the horrors. Tied to the ceiling, they were handled by The Dukes sinful assistant, only to be left there in torment and anguish. 

She´s waiting for The Duke, and then she´ll go...

Iwona Rejmus as Ilse
Sille Arendt as Esther
Gry Worre Hallberg as Inga
Madeleine Kate McGowan as Astrid
Hans Peter Mattias as The Duke
Paul `Pink´ as The Sinfull Assistant
Ulf Hansen as Hank Bangkok