'Club de la Faye' is a group of existences living and performing in the gap between reality and fiction. Here is the documentation of their work.


Fiction pimping Musikparlamentet

In the spring of 2009 Fiction Pimps were contacted by Musikparlamentet (a debate forum with the purpose of developing the musicindustry), to assist in a new aesthetic facilitation of the monthly Musikparlament debate arrangement. Fiction Pimps then activated Club de la Faye, to re-think Musikparlamentets concept and to set up a Full Fiction.

The Reapers Lodge - A Full Fiction
Club de la Fayes work entails creating a unique and specific fiction for the given arrangement. In this case the idea of The Reapers Lodge was developed. The Reapers Lodge was imagined as a group of people who once in a while would appear to facilitate paradigm shifts in the world of music. The performers and the setting then acted as elements in this fiction.

As a part of the Full Fiction idea, every detail in the arrangement was thoroughly developed to fit the fiction and the specific place. The table was decadently set in a forrest-like setting, the smell of sugar, bird-sounds and monotonous voices lay in the air, all to seduce the guests into fiction.

Debate as Ritual
In viewing the whole event as one big ritual, Club de la Faye brings a new level to the arrangement. In this case the guests, when entering the buliding, were met by the female Reapers who initiated the Ritual of the One Hundred Cardinals.
"The Cardinal of Love has entered the building.
The Cardinal of Noise is also with us tonight"
- the sound of their voices mixing with the soundscape of birds and breaking glass...

Vision & Ideas
Fiction Pimps were also in the panel of experts that evening, airing views on the poetic life, everyone as artists, life being one grand stage and the democratization of art.
By each guest a pen and a piece of fabric was placed. The guests were urged to write down their greatest visions and dreams for the live musicscene. During the evening and during the debate, the Reapers collected all the pieces, with all the words, and from this they created a great gobelin of visions.

Club de la Faye
Performing and concept developement:
Djawed Kimouche
Gry Worre Hallberg
Hans Peter Mattias Tommila
Inga Gerner Nielsen
Iwona Rejmus
Louisa Yaa Aisin
Madeleine Kate McGowan
Marie-Lydie Nokouda
Sifka My Thrane
Sille Arendt
Ulf Rathjen Kring Hansen

Sound scape:
Ulf Rathjen Kring Hansen

Sille Arendt

Carolina Zell & Sara Lillie Gornitzka

Fiction Pimps:
Gry Worre Hallberg
Inga Gerner Nielsen
Madeleine Kate McGowan


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