'Club de la Faye' is a group of existences living and performing in the gap between reality and fiction. Here is the documentation of their work.



The 12th of July the time will be ripe!

For the first time Jazzhouse presents, in collaboration with Club de la Faye, a full night of live music and nightclubbing. 
On the 12th of July 2009, you will step into a magical, dangerous and swinging universe.. 

Behind heavy red drapes flirtatious dancers and feather dressed women will welcome you, bienvenue, bon jour, this is the grand final of the Jazzfest!! The time is ripe, are you?! 

Inside old New Orleans and Paris will be waiting, absinth-fairies, green, deep red in The Swamp. SwimCats and HepCats of the Swamp! In the swamp the SwimCats are starting to stir, and mind you if you start growing a tail.. Beautiful faces bear yellow teeth, opium-den, young man lures people in – once rich now poor but sharp! 

Live music, band battle, dancers, lonesome trumpets in the bar and the grand ritual of getting in the right mood, of getting 'it', of getting there, because there was nowhere to go but everywhere, we will dance the floors beat and bless the night! So come join us and mind you if you don't get lost..

Until then good women and men!

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Graphical Design: Madeleine Kate McGowan