'Club de la Faye' is a group of existences living and performing in the gap between reality and fiction. Here is the documentation of their work.


Fiction Pimping 'Blip!' at Cph.Jazzhouse

The Bride She'll Never Be

The guests were enjoying another Blip! arrangement in Copenhagen Jazzhouse, electronic music and intense atmosphee, when suddenly a bride with a grey old suitcase strolls across the floor. She places herself in the bar, smile on her red lips. Two other brides follow, placing themselves on the staircase, faces expressionless. Other brides follow them, one has a limp, all are carrying suitcases. When the concert is over a male voice with a heavy russian accent fills the room, a movie projected on the wall shows a baby pink phone ringing somewhere in a muffled appartment....

Bride: Hello honey..
Boris: Hello dear. Meet me at the Broken Hearts Inn, Las Vegas Boulevard.
Bride: I will. I love you.
Boris: You´re my favorite. Wait for me there..

The man never shows..
As the brides find out they have all been deceived, they call out for revenge and disappear into the night.

This was what the guests in Copenhagen Jazzhouse experienced, a fragment of a story revealed in the break between two concerts. The brides were seen once more and after that they were gone for good. Maybe they´re out there, tormenting the streets in their wild quest to revenge the russian man who got away. To inflict pain on Boris, the same pain they felt when they realized, they were brides never to be...