'Club de la Faye' is a group of existences living and performing in the gap between reality and fiction. Here is the documentation of their work.


Since the 18th Century the legendary tale about Kreaturet has been told to Danish children when their parents found them too rude to handle. Kreaturet was said to be a freak-baby by birth, born into the city sewers, matured into darkness as a four headed, eight-armed and eight-legged black creature, living in the humid cellars of Copenhagen. How the story started no one really knows; there is as many versions told in different tongues, as there are grandparents. One thing is certain though - the cellars of Copenhagen hide the truth about Kreaturet, a truth that only a few people know.

Through many decades the children of Copenhagen have been playing a game called Kreaturet in the cellars of Copenhagen. But in 1988 on that winter evening when all electricity died in the city, something went horrifically wrong in the game. Children disappeared and others lost touch. No one has played the game since that night...

Now the group who were children in 1988 will be reunited to play the game once more. Join the game - all of you who remember those nights in search of Kreaturet...

24th of February from 20:00 - 02:00
Copenhagen Jazzhouse, Niels Hemmingsens Gade 10


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La Troupe Copenhagen Burlesque

Were you one of the lucky few who enjoyed their amazing show back in the good glamorous past, right here in Copenhagen? Let us drink a toast to beauty, desire, dusty dreams and long life!

On the 26th of September 2009, Club de la Faye swept through Hotel Skt.Petri, and fiction pimped Secrets and Seduction, Copenhagen Burlesque


Article about Club de la Faye in Politiken

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September, September, a fall to remember!



Club de la Faye &
Swing Pigalle

The Swamp

On the 12th of July

the time will be ripe


The Call of Sirens & Deserters

Club de la Faye in cooperation with YourSpace,
Roskilde Festival 2009

The myth of the sirens

The sirens, who lived in a meadow on an island off the coast of Sicily, were irresistible and lured sailors to their deaths. Those who listened to their songs could never leave and would therefore die on the banks of the island. So said the myth.

No ship had ever passed the isle, not until the day Odysseus succeeded in tricking the sirens. Following Circe's advice, Odysseus plugged the ears of his crew with wax, so they could not hear anything. Odysseus had the men tie him to the mast of the ship and instructed them not to untie him until they had passed the isle. And so they did. The crew only knew 'the song's danger but nothing of its beauty'. This allowed them to row 'with all their strength' moving the ship away from the Sirens.

Critical theory

It was in fact the task of Odysseus' crew: 'The laborers must be fresh and concentrate as they look ahead, and must ignore whatever lies to one side' thereby fulfilling themselves through work, wrote Adorno and Horkheimer. Odysseus instead is able to listen to the song remaining 'bound impotently to the mast' of the ship. The bonds prevent him from being seduced and the danger presented by the Sirens is subsequently neutralized. As a result of this the song of the Sirens is completely perverted: it 'becomes a mere object of contemplation – becomes art.

Recreation of the isle of the Sirens

Club de la Faye will manifest them selves as the weakened sirens, who now seek vengeance over Odysseus, the man who got away. The Sirens will regain their power, if they succeed in seducing the festival guests into participating in a ritual, where they will be asked to sacrifice a piece of the life, that stands in the way of giving in to the world of music.


This critical performance manifestation, will serve as a platform for a debate about what it means to give you self to the experience in the world of music.

Sunday the 28. of July:

'The Call of Sirens and Deserters'

Thursday the 2. of July:

'The Drowning'

Sunday the 5. of July:

'The Act of Sacrifice'


Killer Brides

They'll hunt him down, and kill him!

On the 13th of June fiction was injected into Pumpehuset, on request by the people behind the newly established Underground Music Award Show. Besides housing the award show this night, Pumpehuset was also turned into the film-set of the infamous B-movie by Boris Production, Killer Brides.

Cast: Betsy-Rae Fire, Fanny Thunders, Sugar Storm, Vichy Volcano, Bolletta Hurricane and Johnny Catastrophy

Boris Productions



The 12th of July the time will be ripe!

For the first time Jazzhouse presents, in collaboration with Club de la Faye, a full night of live music and nightclubbing. 
On the 12th of July 2009, you will step into a magical, dangerous and swinging universe.. 

Behind heavy red drapes flirtatious dancers and feather dressed women will welcome you, bienvenue, bon jour, this is the grand final of the Jazzfest!! The time is ripe, are you?! 

Inside old New Orleans and Paris will be waiting, absinth-fairies, green, deep red in The Swamp. SwimCats and HepCats of the Swamp! In the swamp the SwimCats are starting to stir, and mind you if you start growing a tail.. Beautiful faces bear yellow teeth, opium-den, young man lures people in – once rich now poor but sharp! 

Live music, band battle, dancers, lonesome trumpets in the bar and the grand ritual of getting in the right mood, of getting 'it', of getting there, because there was nowhere to go but everywhere, we will dance the floors beat and bless the night! So come join us and mind you if you don't get lost..

Until then good women and men!

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Graphical Design: Madeleine Kate McGowan